The association « Imagine for Margo » which fights against children cancer “Imagine for Margo” was born in November, 2011, created by her president Patricia Blanc after the death from a malignant brain tumor of her daughter Margaux, 14-year-old. Recognized as a community service, the association leads awareness-raising activities and fund raising to help the European research on specific, innovative and more effective medical treatments for children affected by cancer. The association also brings its support to families and contributes to the well-being of the hospitalized children.

The partnership between Imagine for Margo and Rexaline, started at the end of 2013, concretely results in 2 very strong commitments on our part : - A financial support : we put back to the association a percentage on the Rexaline sales in France;
- A moral commitment : we participate in the events organized by Imagine for Margo to collect funds and we mobilize our professional networks and our partners to promote the recognition of the association (18 VIP support us).